Senior Citizen Whorehouse Gets Shut Down

This might be one of the best stories I've posted on here in a long time. I mean come on, what's better than an old folks home doubling as a brothel? These people have lived long, fulfilling lives and they should be allowed to enjoy their last days doing whatever it is they want to. Even if it means selling their bodies for sex and smoking a little crack now and then.
A 75yr. old man is facing charges for running a prostitution ring out of the old folks in New Jersey where he lives. Pictured above is James Parham and along with a female cohort he was employing women young and old to satisfy the needs of the senior citizen center they lived in. If sex wasn't your thing don't worry, they had lots of crack to smoke. Parham and his female partner in crime, 66yr. old Cheryl Chaney, are being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance. Chaney was charged with possession of crack, guessing she was the supplier. The nuisance charge is applied to Parham for allowing prostitution in his apartment and Chaney got it for allowing residents to smoke crack in her apartment. Residents of the senior facility complained to staff about the open drug use in common areas and some of the residents said they were scared to enter certain parts of the building because of the activities taking place. Local authorities blame a lack of security in the building which allowed Parham and his gang of geriatric hookers to go unchecked. Police reports state that none of the prostitutes were arrested and all of them will be able to make it back in time for bingo night.
NBC New York has the story

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