Phys Edison Broadcast #5

Showing some more love to my boy Phys Edison and his endless stack of records. Phys Ed has always been able to throw together a sick playlist and at the same time blend all genres of music. Nobody but him would ever think to mix Paul McCartney and Kid Koala and at the same time make it sound like butter. As per the description from the Guest Room - Phys Edison kicks us some new wave, hip hop and even a little country in his countinuing effort to broadcast his montorous collection of hits. Prompted by ESP (aka Soda Pop) to make a broadcast with some music he'd thought Phys would want him to hear. There's tracks from Paul McCartney, Kid Koala, Madlib, Charles Wright, The Rolling Stones, The Animals and much more.
Check out the incredible sounds of Phys Edison and follow the link below to check out the Guest Room!!!
Download the episode here
Phys Edison's Guest Room

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