Stop Calling the Cops to Report Stolen Weed

It seems like it would go without saying but if you lose your weed don't call the cops to report it stolen. Chances are it's going to be more of a hassle than just calling your dealer to get more.
One stoner in Lorain, OH had the unfortunate experience of having his pot pilfered or so he thought. The man had sworn that he put his baggie in his pants pocket but later in the day it was missing. He accused his girlfriend of stealing it and when she denied it he accused her kids of swiping his stash. When he wasn't getting the answers he wanted the man did the next logical thing and called the cops to report it missing.
When the cops showed up to his home they arrested Brody Baum for marijuana possession and threw in an additional charge of possession of paraphernalia after a quick search of the home. Baum and the police never did find out who stole the ganja but now Baum has some time to think about while he's locked away.
CleveScene has the story

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