Weirdo Gives Worst Excuse Ever

If you're going to be a pervert out in public your first rule is don't get caught and your second rule should be if you do get caught have a rock solid excuse. This guy broke rule number 2.
Some disgusting pervert in Bristol, England was recently caught trying to take pictures up a woman's skirt at a local pub. The bar manager spotted him and couldn't believe what he was seeing so he went and watched the surveillance tape to make sure of what he saw. It turned out he was right, a local scum bag was in the bar taking crotch shots up skirts with a concealed camera. Unfortunately, the perv left the bar before the manager could grab him but it turns out the man was a bit of a regular at the pub and he came back a few days later. When he returned the manager spotted him, called the cops, and had the guy arrested. That part is disgusting but his excuse he told the cops just makes you shake your head. Once he was booked at the station some of the officers took him in for questioning to find out why he was doing what he was doing. The perverts reply, "Maybe I was trying to light a fart. It could have been a joke. Maybe someone says, 'I bet you a fiver if you light her fart.' Maybe I was just drunk."
The perv, 39yr. old Brian Whitehead, denied doing anything wrong and says that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. Still doesn't explain the security footage or the fact that he was walking around with a camera hidden in his jacket. Whitehead was charged with outraging public decency and is awaiting a sentencing trial. This isn't the first time Whitehead has been busted for being a skeev, he has prior convictions for making and possessing child porn as well as possessing extreme porn. Sounds like this guy needs to be locked away for a long time but it's England, he'll probably get a slap on the wrist.
Bristol Post UK has the story

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