Corey Feldman's New Pop Song

It must be tough growing up as a big Hollywood actor because at some point the roles start drying up and the actor has to find a way to stay relevant and keep the cash rolling in. Most celebs resort to starring in stupid reality shows like "Dancing w/ the Stars" or whatever shit pile is popular this minute. I hope one day it will come down to C-list celebrities fighting to the death to land a paying gig in a big blockbuster movie but we'll save that post for another day. Corey Feldman hasn't really been a big star for many years now. Not making shit of him it's just a fact. He turned out some classic performances in his younger years like "Lost Boys", "Stand By Me" and who can forget the straight to VHS classic "Dream A Little Dream 2". So what's an out of work celeb to do with all that free time? My guess would be lots and lots of blow but since Feldman has that box checked he did the next best thing, he made a pop song. Calling it a pop song would be a huge overstatement, it's more like having your ears carved open with a dull spoon. Corey Feldman is a great actor and he needs to stick with that craft and give up the whole music thing. Part of me thinks this might be a joke but the other part of me thinks that this is 100% serious. Sigh.

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