Man Threatens Death Over "Ted" DVD

I saw "Ted" and it was OK, not great but it made me laugh. Was it good enough to make me want to blow up a friends house because they didn't return my DVD? Well, that's debatable.
One man in Allentown, PA could be facing some jail time after he threatened to blow-up his neighbors house after the neighbor failed to return his DVD of "Ted". The victim, 50yr. old Dean Bucks, told police he received a number of threatening texts from his neighbor after he failed to return his precious movie. The 21yr. old bomber told Bucks that he would "blow up his house and kill his family" if the DVD was not returned in due time. He also told Bucks, who apparently has a ponytail, that he would "pull his ponytail out and punch him in the face". Man, this guy REALLY liked "Ted". At the time the article was printed police had not yet made an arrest, my guess is their still gathering all the evidence. Allentown Police have classified the incident as a "terroristic threat" and have not released any more details on the case. It's too bad that there's not some kind of big box store that sells DVDs in bulk. Or maybe like a website where you can buy and rent movies from. Seems like if those things existed this guy wouldn't have to blow up people's houses when they don't return his DVD. Well, maybe someday we'll have that kind of luxury.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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