Naked Man Terrorizes Beverly Hills Restaurant

When you hear about Beverly Hills it's usually something to do with glitz and glamour not crazy people on drugs. This past Thursday patrons at a fancy upscale Beverly Hills eatery were treated to a free show when a man clad only in his boxers went on a rampage. Police say the man, identified as 29yr. old Karim Almendarez, made his way into the Enoteca Drago restaurant and began attacking diners. When they all fled for cover he started chucking glasses at the bar and took out an entire rack of wine bottles and broke the bar TV. Witnesses told police that before he went into the restaurant he was attacking and harassing people on the streets. One of the restaurant's managers, Steve Piano, was there when it happened and said it didn't make much sense,
“I’m guessing at least 50 bottles of wine were destroyed. There was two inches of wine on the wood floor. It’s like he was just quietly, calmly, destroying property.”
The cops arrived immediately and gave chase down the block where it took a stun gun and at least 6 cops to bring down Almendarez. They said that it appeared he was under the influence of drugs, possibly PCP, and that his behavior was directly related to whatever he took. Almendarez is being charged with felony vandalism and reports state that no one was injured during the rampage.
CBS LA has the story

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