Peeping Tom Found in Septic Tank

A few weeks back one pervert in Tulsa went above and beyond the call of duty to get his jollies. Maybe that should read "below and into the duty" considering his choice of hiding spots.
On July 7th the town of Tulsa, OK held a Yoga Fest at a downtown park but failed to mention one of the attractions to their guests, the pervert hiding in the port-o-potty. A 29yr. old woman and her young daughter stopped off to use the facilities during the festival and when they entered the toilet they noticed something weird, the old man hiding below in the tank starring back at them. The woman called police and when they arrived cops retrieved 52yr. old Kenny Enlow who was hiding amongst all the piss and shit. The woman told police that when they spotted him he didn't really seem to care. He didn't move or say anything like, 'Help I fell in' or anything of that nature. Rescue crews cleaned off the poo covered Enlow with a fire hose and he told police the whole thing was just one big misunderstanding. His story was that he was hanging out with a woman named Angel who beat him over the head with a tire iron and dumped him in the port-o-potty. Cops weren't buying his story and charged Enlow with being a peeping tom. Just wait until this guy discovers all the free porn on-line, he won't ever have to hide out in a septic tank ever again.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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