All Hail the Megaburgerpizza

The wonderful people of Japan have given us so much over the years from technology to tentacle porn. Well, this should make up for that last one. Feast your eyes on the Megaburgerpizza!! It's the Frankenstein of fast food and I'm a little shocked that someone in America didn't come up with this idea first. A chain of restaurants called Pizza Little Party has added the item to their menus and it seems to be hit with customers so far. It consists of thick beef patties sandwiched between two 11-inch pizzas. In addition to the pizza sauce and cheese you'd expect from a pizza, the Megaburgerpizza is also dressed with ketchup, onions, pickles and mustard.
Holy shit I want one now!! The Megaburgerpizza weighs in at a total of 2.65 pounds and I'm assuming it's meant for a group of people not just one person. This monstrosity is only available till November 22 and costs about $26 American dollars. So if you happen to be in Japan and run across a Pizza Little Party hop on in and get your feast on. HuffPo has the story

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