Crazy Woman Claims Farts Can Be Used a Weapon

One of the best parts about the internet is it gives all the crazy people in the world a platform to spill their stupid out for all of us to see. Sure it's sad but it doesn't mean we can't laugh at them. If you've spent anytime here on Don't Eat the Gravy you know I enjoy the occasional bat shit crazy person like this lady who has a bunch of videos on YouTube talking about how the Jesuits are bukake jizz bombing Canada and also rants about the Jesuits pursuing and trying to kill her men which include Hugh Jackman, Vladmir Putin, and Star Trek's Brent Spiner. Don't try and make any sense of that, it won't work. You can watch the clip here. This lady is scary crazy. In one of her latest videos from back in May she warns the world about President Obama and his bill that has just been passed that outlaws farting by obese women. Why you ask? Because when obese women fart it can cause catastrophic disasters like the fertilizer plant exploding in Waco, TX. You can't make this shit up.........

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