Man Gets 20 Days in Jail For Threatening Pregnant Smoker

There's so much wrong with this story it's hard to pick a starting point. First of all, if you're 8 months pregnant the last thing you should be doing is smoking a cigarette. That's just ignorant. Second, if you see a pregnant woman smoking the last thing you should do is pull a gun on her and threaten her to stop. Two wrongs don't make a right. Unfortunately, only one of them went to jail.
A man in Bellingham, WA was recently sentenced to 20 days in jail for threatening a pregnant woman who he saw smoking on a sidewalk. It all started when 25yr. old Justin Palmer was driving down the road and saw a pregnant woman and her unborn baby enjoying a smoke. This enraged Palmer so much that he felt the need to yell at the woman while stopped at a light. According to police reports Palmer pulled up to the woman and yelled, "Who the heck smokes when they're pregnant?"
The woman replied, "Obviously I do". That's not the answer Palmer wanted to hear. He kept yelling at the woman and called her a "white trash prostitute" and I can't say I disagree. Technically smoking while pregnant isn't illegal but it's a real scumbag thing to do. Palmer then told the woman "you better put that smoke out now" but was ignored by the mom to be and she kept walking. She told police at that point is when he reached down and pulled a gun on her and aimed it at her from about 10 feet away. Before she could really react the light turned green and Palmer sped off.
The woman immediately called police and they had Palmer pulled over minutes later. When officers searched his car they found two Glock semiautomatic handguns in his center console. Palmer denied ever pulling a gun but the cops had a hard time believing him considering they just found two guns in his possession. Also, how could the woman make up a story like that and randomly guess the guy was armed? Palmer was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon but that charge was later dropped down to a felony harassment charge. Either way both people in this story are fucking idiots. The woman for smoking while pregnant and the guy for pulling a gun on someone because they were doing something he disagreed with. Maybe next time just shake your head and drive away.
Bellingham Herald has the story

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