Drunk Man Calls 911, Hits on Operator

The winner pictured above is 46yr. old John Bansley from Ohio. He had a rough Monday morning after he started off his day with a trip to the liquor store. Bansley picked up a 6-pack of Old Milwaukee beer and decided to enjoy one on his walk home. He was spotted by the cops and ticketed for open container. Instead of booking him into jail the cops figured it was best to just take him to the home of his ex-wife. The ex agreed to watch over Bansley and the rest of his beers. Cops left and everything seemed fine. A short time later Bansley decided he wanted to finish off the rest of his beers but the wife refused to hand them over. Bansley called the local police to see if he could get some help with getting his beers back and things just went downhill from there. The 911 operator explained to Bansley that she would send over an officer and he would help straighten out the dispute. She then said that if he had any more questions that he should feel free to call back. Bansley took that opportunity to let the operator know that she had a sexy voice and asked for her personal phone number. She passed and hung up. When the officers arrived they had different plans for Bansley and his beers, he was charged with misuse of the 911 system. He later pleaded no contest to the 911 charge and the open container charge from earlier in the day. He was sentenced to 5 days in jail and should be out by this weekend.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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