Woman Suing Geek Squad For Leaking Nude Pics

I think this lady's first mistake was taking her computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy but we'll save that rant for another post. I would say that her second mistake was leaving nude pictures of herself on her computer then handing it over to a bunch of teenagers to fix. What's the worst that could happen?
A University of Alabama student is suing a Best Buy in Tuscaloosa, AL after she found out that nude pictures of her were making the rounds on-line. She put 2 & 2 together and realized that one of the Geek Squad techs swiped the pics from her computer and circulated them around the net. She had originally brought in her computer for repairs on her hard drive. The worst part is that she's also an employee at the same store where the incident took place. The woman was told by a co-worker that rumors were flying around work that there were nude pictures of her on-line. The woman's lawyer spoke on her behalf,
"She's shocked that these private, professional photos...she never posted them on any social media kept them only for reference or professional use for art."

The woman claims she took the pictures as part of an art assignment and they were never meant to see the light of day. She is suing the Best Buy store for invasion of privacy, outrageous conduct, breach of contract and negligent supervision and training, among other issues. I'd have to say the worst part is that now everyone who works at the store knows what she looks like naked. Reporters tried to contact the Best Buy store to find out if the employee in question was fired but they did not return any of the calls. A jury will decide if the woman's claims hold any water. Again, if you need to have your computer repaired the last place you should ever take it is to a Best Buy and the Geek Squad.
WSFA has the story

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