Ain't No Party Like a Brony Party

If you don't know what a "brony" is then watch this video real quick and prepare to crank up the cringe factor. I've debated posting this video because I actually feel really bad for these people. It's hard to express in words how fucking nerdy and out of touch these people really are. We're talking about adult males who are fascinated with My Little Pony, a show geared towards little girls. This is what happens when you combine a room full of social retards who have never been to a party, sprinkle in a little Asperger's Syndrome and you have yourself a full blown Brony party. If I remember correctly this is some sort of after party from one of the recent Brony Conventions. My guess is the room smells like farts and shame. I feel bad making fun of them because I'm sure these people get shit on every minute of their lives but they make for such an easy target. Plus, you would think with a room full of nerds someone might have knowledge of electronics and be able to hook up a decent sound system but the constant failing of their equipment makes it even funnier. There's so much going on it's hard to pin point one moment, instead we're blessed with 7 minutes of pure social failure. But hey, at least they made it out of their mom's basement for a night. Now let's turn the awkward up all the way to 11..........

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