Man Hides Gun in His Ass

Police in Oklahoma City thought they were making a routine arrest this past weekend when they picked up 33 yr. old Mark Valdez for a minor offense. Little did they realize that at the end of the night they would all have an interesting story to share. Police transported Valdez to the OKC jail and when he arrived he went through the standard pat-down search but was not sent through the metal detector, a bad call on the cops part. After a quick search Valdez was placed in his cell and the cops thought the ordeal was over. Wrong. Once inside his cell Valdez started bragging to other inmates that he smuggled in a weapon. Since there's no honor among thieves one of the inmates ratted him out. That's when things got interesting. Sixteen hours later the cops got around to giving Valdez a full body cavity search in hopes of finding the weapon he claimed to have. Eventually the police found a Derringer Pistol (pictured above) shoved up his ass. This guy had a loaded gun up his ass for almost 24 hours! OKC police stated in their report that the gun had one round in the chamber. That's what I call Russian Roulette! What started out as a minor offense for Valdez led to more serious charges including possession of contraband in a penal institution. After the discovery was made Valdez had to be transported to a local hospital for wounds suffered from shoving a gun up his ass. Not really sure what kind of injuries come with something like that. Valdez is being held on a $5,000 bond according to jail records. No word on if he'll get his gun back.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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