Crazy Lady is Full of Crazy

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of my favorite things about the internet is that crazy people can air all their crazy for the world to see. Take this lady for example. I'm not real up to date on this recent conspiracy theory. What little I know is from people on Facebook that I've since deleted because I can't take their constant "oh my god the government is controlling our minds through chemtrails" bullshit. From what I gather "chemtrails" are poison being spread by the big bad government as means of controlling our minds or some shit like that. Put me in the camp of people that believe it's just exhaust fumes. And just like any kind of exhaust fumes, be it from cars or buses or whatever, are bad for the environment. So yes, I agree with that aspect, exhaust fumes are bad. I guess you have to be a Ron Paul supporter to fully buy into this whole thing just like this lady because everyone who theorizes about this seems to be a Ron Paul supporter. I try to keep politics and the like off this blog, not trying to incite anything, just something I've noticed. Read up on them if you want, I got better things to do. So the video here is of a lady storming out of her house to fight off the evil chemtrails with a bottle of, wait for it, vinegar. Apparently vinegar is the one thing that can take down the governments evil plan of global domination. Who would of guessed it would be so easy. Obviously, this has no impact what so ever on the "chemtrails" but looking at her lawn I might suggest she spray the vinegar over her driveway next time. However, this bag of crazy is totally convinced she's doing some kind of noble deed by fighting off the evil government with her spray bottle of vinegar. It's fun to point and laugh but the sad thing is she probably needs some real help and her son sounds embarrased as shit to be filming the whole thing in public where someone might see him..........

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