Lemmy Gets a Pacemaker

I didn't think it was possible to slow down Lemmy but it turns out he's just like the rest of us. Well, except the fact that he's a complete bad ass and melts faces for a living. Motorhead recently announced they would be postponing their European tour dates in order to get Lemmy back to 100% health. The bands guitarist, Phil Campbell, told Wales Online that Lemmy was fitted with a pacemaker to help deal with an irregular heart beat,
"Lem had a pacemaker fitted earlier in the year because he’d been suffering from irregular heartbeats, and then his diabetes started playing him up. But his ticker's fine now and he’s made sufficient changes to his lifestyle and diet in order to combat the diabetes, it’s just that he felt he wasn’t 100% ready to go back on the road just yet."

Campbell was asked how Lemmy is dealing with his poor health and he gave the one answer everyone expected, that Lemmy is a complete bad ass and doesn't talk about shit like that,
"The main problem is that he’s displayed such a hard persona all his life that it makes it difficult for him to let people in. He’s like the John Wayne of rock – always wanting to soldier on and handle things on his own, you know?"

Yeah right, Lemmy could totally kick John Wayne's fake cowboy ass!! Motorhead planned on hitting the road in support of their 21st studio album 'Aftershock' but will have to wait to February before they release the beast.
NME has the full story

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