Athletes Getting Knocked Out

Personally, I'd like to see more carnage in professional sports. I know that sounds morbid but I have a real hard time feeling sorry for any pro athlete that gets hurt when they're being paid millions and millions of dollars to play a game for a living. Especially with all the brain trauma talk these days, last time I checked no one forced these people to slam their heads into one another for living. Plus, it's something most of the people have been doing for their entire lives and should be well aware of the risk by now. Some of you may think that's sick but it's just my opinion. We need to take it back to the days of the gladiators and the Roman Coliseum, more blood and brain scrambling hits!! The compilation below features athletes getting knocked the fuck out in every which way and doing what's called the Fencing Response, that's when their arms are stuck up in the air in a frozen pose. A sure sign that someone just got KO'd!!!

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