The Drive-By Masturbator Strikes Again

Surely there has to be better ways of spending your free time. Maybe read a book, go for a walk, or if you do feel the need to rub one out just stay inside in the comfort of your own home. Your neighbors will appreciate it. A Seattle man is facing felony charges after he was spotted masturbating in his truck while driving around a South Seattle neighborhood. Police say this isn't the first time Steven Lee Schmidt has been caught with his dick in his hand. Seattle cops have classified Schmidt as a serial public masturbator and have issued a warrant for his arrest. This time around they were unable to catch him in the act but a witness was able to take a picture of his Chevy Silverado truck and turned it over to police. Witnesses in the South Seattle neighborhood said that Schmidt was cruising up and down the streets until he found a group of bystanders then he would slow to crawl and start wanking away in front of them. Residents in the neighborhood told police he does this all the time and they would like it stop. Schmidt has been charged in the past for exposing himself, the last arrest came after he exposed himself to a coffee barista in Snohomish County. It seems Mr. Schmidt needs to get a new hobby or some tinted windows.
Oregon Live has the story

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