Rob Delaney Interviews Matt Pike on "Back & Forth"

Not only is Rob Delaney a great comedian but he's also a big fan of High on Fire and the rest of Matt Pike's work. Pike might be one of the most underrated musicians in the metal/rock world, of course that's just my opinion. His work in Sleep helped birth a new genre of music and pave the way for so many bands but we'll save all that for another time. as per the YouTube description In the latest in the ongoing Back & Forth series, metal god Matt Pike of Sleep/High on Fire sits down with comedian Rob Delaney on a recent trip to Los Angeles. The pair met to discuss hard hitting topics that ranged from newly minted sobriety to bulldozing guitar riffs to kale and cholesterol, taking many stops in between. Did you know there is a time that it is socially acceptable to shit yourself?
Matt Pike explains in the video below........

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