Try the New Heroin Happy Meal

Pittsburgh Police discovered there was more than just burgers and fries in the Happy Meal at a local McDonald's. The drug task force had been watching an employee for some time and it turns out she was using the Happy Meal containers to move baggies of heroin. Undercover officers from the District Attorney's drug task force made a buy last Wednesday and arrested Shania Dennis and shut down the little operation she had going on at the drive-thru. According to police reports buyers would pull into the drive-thru when Dennis was working and say "I'd like to order a toy". The buyer would then pull around, pay at the first window and pick-up the "happy meal" at the second window. The DA moved in after they received an anonymous tip about the operation and they say that they have no idea how long this was going on for. When the undercover officer made the buy got 10 stamped bags inside the Happy Meal container and they pulled another 50 bags off Dennis when they made the arrest. Detectives say they don’t think this heroin bust is related to the potentially lethal batches of heroin being sold in Western Pennsylvania. At least 22 deaths have been blamed on that potent mixture of heroin cut with Fentanyl, a cancer drug.
CBS Pittsburgh has the story

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