Pot Flavored Condoms

With the legalized pot craze sweeping the nation some inventive potheads came up with the one thing no one was asking for, Cannabis flavored condoms. Because when I'm having sex the one thing crosses my mind is, "Geez, I really wish I could taste that condom in my mouth." I'm being sarcastic, obviously. Well, have no fear because the "Cannadom" is here! The folks over at Cannadom.com have come up with a great way to combine that great marijuana taste and safe sex. The website claims the Cannadom tastes and smells just like the real thing. But if you're looking to get high by sucking on a condom that's been up inside your partner you'll have to look elsewhere. The condom is more of a novelty item not an actual means of getting high. You'll have to stick with bong loads before boning if you want to go that route. It comes in one color, green, and you can buy the condom in 10-packs. Hell, they'll even throw in a freebie with any mail order. As dumb as this sounds I'm sure people will be all over it. So if you can't wait to taste and smell pot while your having sex get yourself a Cannadom and make your next love making session extremely awkward.

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