Aesop Rock's MTV Takeover

Back in 2007 Aesop Rock dropped his new album, "None Shall Pass" and the folks over at MTV were nice enough to let him take over for a day. Which is strange because at that time MTV had pretty much abandoned all signs of music. Even more strange was the fact that they were showing some love to an underground artist like Aesop but at that time he was getting pretty big. I remember seeing this live, not because I knew about it but because I happened to be flipping through the channels and caught the performance. He did a few live performances featuring tracks from the new album and the rest of the time was filled by him and Blockhead doing like a live infomercial call in show type thing. It was a little strange and Aesop and everyone else seemed to be just going with the flow. Anywho, here's Aesop and Rob Sonic doing "None Shall Pass" with DJ Big Wiz on the tables and Blockhead giving the introduction.

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