Siri Remembers Everything You've Ever Said to Her

Representatives for Apple came out recently and answered a few questions about security concerns dealing with the NSA and Siri. Apple's Trudy Miller told Wired recently that Apple is storing every single thing you say to Siri,
After the initial processing is complete, Siri requests are stored for six months. Users’ information is stored so that Apple can analyze quality of service, and it’s playing an important role in improving how Siri works.

Apple says it's not part of some super secret pact with the NSA or anything like that. Customers names or any other information is not linked directly to the user,
Siri data isn’t linked to a user’s Apple ID, email address, or other personal information. Rather, it’s connected to a randomly-generated key. Once those clips have reached the six-month-old mark, they’re further anonymized by stripping out the random ID.

According Apple's Trudy Miller there is a way to immediately erase your data after speaking with Siri. She told Wired about a shortcut,
By turning off Siri in your iOS settings, both the random ID and any associated data are deleted on the spot.

So if you're worried that your every word is being stored in a top secret data base you have two options. Don't use Siri or turn Siri off. Seems pretty simple.
Geek.com has the story

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