Skeletons Live Under the Road

A construction crew in Sweden was doing some road work and unearthed 15 skeletons that were part of a hospital cemetary dating back to the 1600's. As per the YouTube description, The human remains, which include both adults and children, were discovered last week beneath the pavement along Djäknegatan in Malmö's old town, as workers installed a district heating system. An archaeologist at the site, Pär Sarnäs, said the area served as a cemetery for the old Malmö hospital between 1690 and 1820. "Most of the buried were the sick and poor, as it was somewhat cheaper to be buried in this cemetery," he said. "It's still quite remarkable. We didn't know there were any (remains) still here after all the building in the area over the years," he said. Sarnäs and his team have started to gather up the remains to ensure none of the bones are stolen. He has also contacted the Church of Sweden about finding a way to rebury the bones.

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