Taco Bell Now Serving Breakfast, Morning Farts

Taco Bell announced that they will be rolling out their breakfast menus starting nationally March 27.
There's nothing about Taco Bell that makes me think of breakfast. Just bad gas and cheap tacos. Apparently T-Bell has been trying to break in to the fast food breakfast market for some time, Looking at the their proposed breakfast menus makes me think they should of just stuck with lunch and dinner. If you need an enema to go with your morning coffee you're in luck........

Waffle Taco. A warm waffle wrapped around sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese and syrup.

A.M Crunchwrap. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage in a warm tortilla.

Cinnabon Delights. Poppable pastries filled with Cinnabon frosting and coated with sugar.

It's tough to compete with fast food breakfast classics like Egg McMuffins and Dunkin Donuts and looking at that menu I don't see much hope. Plus, McDonald's just announced they'll be extending their breakfast hours to keep up with demands and a later breakfast crowd.

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