Woman Says Her New Name Fits Her Personality. She Is Wrong.

A Newark, Ohio woman has decided to change her name to something that fits her better and expresses her personality. The 41yr. old woman, whose original name is Sheila Ranae Crabtree, told an Ohio judge that if he didn't approve her new name she would just change it to her middle name. One that she's used for years instead of her given first name. Crabtree told the judge that her husband and teenage daughter approve of the name it and all she wants is to get rid of the world's ugliest name, Sheila, that's plagued her for years. The judge said yes and signed the papers. So what is the new name? Sexy Crabtree will be her new moniker. The judge asked Sexy why she picked that specific name and she told him that she's a fun and free spirited person. The name makes her complete now. Well, judging from the picture above she should have gone with Average. That sounds mean but if you change your name to Sexy you better come correct.
The AP has the story

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