Leonardo DiCaprio Will Join Meshuggah On Stage

If you haven't seen the mash-up video of Meshuggah's "Rational Glaze" and 'Wolf of Wall Street' you're missing out. In the movie Leo's character, Jordan Belfort, fires up his team of investment bankers before they hit the phones to rob everyone of their money. The team gets fired up by Leo screaming some motivational non sense into a microphone. They all dance around and pound their chests. From the outside looking in it's a bit off putting but I'm sure back in the day when the movie takes place it made perfect sense. The mash-up video is below and went viral pretty quick. Word on the street is that Leo DiCaprio will join Meshuggah on stage for a rare live performance of the scene. According to Gigwise, a petition started circulating among Meshuggah fans to get Leo on stage with the band. DiCaprio's PR team caught wind of it and Leo agreed to join the band on stage to recreate the scene. He'll appear with the band on the final stop of their 25th anniversay tour in New York. No word on what exactly will take place but if he can fire up a room of nerdy bankers my guess is the crowd at the Meshuggah show will be hanging off the rafters. Can you imagine an entire Meshuggah crowd pounding their chest and getting all worked up? It will be nothing short of epic!!

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