Mile High Club Leads to Jail Time

Passengers on an Air Canada flight decided to join the Mile High Club but ended up getting put in cuffs. During a January flight from Toronto to Halifax Jason Chase, 39, and Alicia Lander, 25, wanted to spice things up a bit and decided to get freaky in their seats. A flight attendant confronted the pair and told them to stop but the pair kept on going. Since the plane was getting ready to land the flight attendant called ahead to gate and asked to officers be there to arrest both of them. When Chase and Lander stepped off the plane they were stopped by the RCMP and placed under arrest. Chase went down without a fight but Lander decided she was going to fight the cops. Police reports state that Landers became verbally abusive towards officers and even kicked one of them. Apart from the charges stemming from having sex on a plane she's also be nailed with assaulting a police officer. And that's not even the best part. Turns out there was one of person waiting at the gates, Jason Chase's wife. That's right, Chase is a married man and Lander is not his wife. So along with being cuffed the moment he stepped off the plane he then had to explain to his wife what was happening and why. That's brutal! I'm guessing neither one of them will face major jail time for the plane sex but beating on an officer will most likely get Alicia Lander some extra time in the slammer.
The Chronicle has the story

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