Cross Dressing Drunk Crashes Into Retirement Home

This story is like a bad version of The Aristocrats joke. It's got everything from a cross dresser to hookers to......well actually those first two are the same person. Let me explain.
A Tampa, FL man went on a wild ride last night that ended with him plowing his car into a wall of a retirement home. Self proclaimed career prostitute 28 year old Rico Jones, who goes by the street name Diamond, had a little too much to drink before he got behind the wheel of his car. He eventually lost control of his car and ended up smashing into a giant air vent attached to the outside of a senior living center. Once he realized he fucked up he fled the scene. Tampa Police were called to scene and noticed something strange down the street. It was Rico Jones wearing nothing but women's underwear, a bra, and high heels. Officers recognized the car as one that they attempted to pull over earlier in the night but the car managed to get away. The gave chase to Jones and eventually arrested him in his fancy lady boy outfit. He was charged with DUI and taken to jail after a short trip to the hospital. Police reports state that none of the old people inside of the building were harmed.
Huff Post has the full story

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