This Woman Is Absolutely Nuts

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the best parts about the internet is the fact that all the crazy people of world now have a platform to share their crazy with the rest of us. Normally, I wouldn't make fun of someone with a mental illness, which this woman obviously has, but she goes out of her way to interrupt peoples day with her special brand of what the fuck crazy. Quick back story, this woman thinks that people are gang stalking her and it's all part of some kind of feminist sexual harassment plot or something like that. She truly believes that postal workers are out to get her and are following her around. Or you know, they could just be doing their mail routes. She also believes that anytime anyone coughs around her it's that persons way of saying her vagina stinks and is sexually harassing her. If you're having trouble following any of this don't worry, none of it makes sense. It's fairly obvious this woman needs some serous help or at least some heavy duty meds. From what I gather she's homeless, lives in the Boston area and spends most of her day filming all the people "stalking" her. Here's a compilation of her best videos...........

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