Fat Guy & His Sword

What's the deal with fat neck beards and their obsession with swords? The two seem to be mutually exclusive. I'm not complaining because without them I'd be short on material for the site and we wouldn't have all the great footage of fat people out in the wild swinging cutlery. You can tell this guy is an expert based on his flawless technique and his giant sized man boobs. Mountain Dew bottles beware......


  1. I like how he asks for "pointers on his form". He takes this shit serious

  2. You fail to mention his sweating profusely and breathing heavy after one swing. I know he says it's hot but it's probably a very comfortable 75 out. I am a bit surprised he is using his cache of Mountain Dew. I wonder what his lipid level is.

  3. ^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA his neck beard is glistening with the sweat of his hard work