Real Life Keg Robot

I know it's a little early to be putting together a Christmas list but this thing is going right at the top. Take a gander at R2BeerMe, the keg shaped robot that dispenses beer. It's perfect for those nights when you're so drunk you can't get up to grab another beer and it's a great conversation piece. It's creator Charlie Wolf, an employee at Cresa Real Estate in Portland, got the idea for his creation after hosting office parties and getting stuck pushing around a beverage cart. He figured with a little inovation he could spice up the party and impress clients at the same time. Wolf said it started out as something different and the creativity just took over,
"In a parallel universe, I had aspirations of building an RC lawn mower. Everyone has a garage project, right? So, I had put together a wheelchair base under radio control. At first I put a hand truck on the wheelchair and carried buckets of ice, a keg and snacks. Then I thought, why not put the kegerator right on top? As we continue to utilize the kegerator, he evolves. He’s turned into more of a robot – we dress him up for different holidays or occasions and sometimes he sports a camera, video interface, sound, and different mood lighting."
Wolf said he's already getting interest from outside clients. A local tech company, Webtrends, wants to collaborate on an upgraded version but instead of modeling it after R2D2 they want to lean more towards something from Dr. Who. A beer dispensing Dalek that inebriates instead of exterminate. All I know is that I want one!! Biz Journals has the story

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