Lyrics Posted to Facebook Get Man Arrested

Lyrics from an Exodus song landed a 31yr. old Kentucky man in jail last week. James Evans innocently posted lyrics from the song "Class Dismissed" by metal band Exodus and it alerted local authorities enough to arrest the man for terrorist threats. Evans posted the lyrics to his Facebook page on August 24th and police said they were worried the man was planning to shoot up a local school. Family members say it's something Evans does all the time and he would never purposely hurt another person. The lyrics posted were as follows,
"Student bodies lying dead in the halls, a blood splattered treatise of hate. Class dismissed is my hypothesis, gun fire ends in debate."

As you can guess the song is about a school shooting. An arrest warrant was carried out after a school resource officer was notified by multiple law enforcement agencies and it was decided some kind of action needed to be taken. The arrest warrant stated that Evans was arrested because "he threatened to kill students and/or staff at school" even though he never specifically threatened a student or school. His sister told a local news station the whole thing was just one big misunderstanding,
"Whenever we found out that he actually got arrested for lyrics, we were all shocked. We couldn't believe that you could do that or get in trouble for that. I don't personally agree with the band or the music but I agree that you should have the choice to listen to it if you want to."

Evans was arrested and released this past Wednesday and told a news crew on site that the whole situation was insane and was even told by arresting officers that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. He was told by the judge that the case was being deferred for six months and in the meantime had to undergo a mental evaluation. 
14News.com has the whole story

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