The Most Uncomfortable Version of "One Toke Over the Line"

Back in the '60s & '70s Lawrence Welk dominated night time television with his family friendly, christian themed variety show. After all, this was the age of the variety hour but Lawrence Welk took it to a new low. It's fairly easy to see this show was aimed at the older church going crowd but still, what the fuck is happening?! Lots of musical numbers and gawdy outfits made only worse by the fact the cast would throw in the occasional pop song to try and be "hip" and appeal to the younger crowd. Case in the point, the one time they totally missed the point of Brewer & Shipley's "One Toke Over the Line". I'm guessing they zeroed in on the lines talking about sweet Jesus and the lord and missed all the stuff about getting high. Either way, it's without a doubt the worst version of this song EVER!

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