Battle Rapper Tries To Shit On Stage

As a battle rapper the most important thing is your ability to spit dope rhymes and it doesn't hurt to have a little gimmick to go along with it. It's a sure fire way to win the crowd over and keep them on your side. However, when selecting your gimmick you usually want to stay away from things that have already been done by GG Allin. Specifically, taking a shit on stage. There's only ever been one GG Allin and there's a reason for that but no one bothered to tell Canadian MC Daylyt. The battle MC has courted controversy in the past with his battle antics but he recently took things too far after the crowd turned on him in Phoenix. From the start it looked like Daylyt was up to his boring schtick again and when the crowd wasn't having any of it he decided to get shitty with. I'll let Complex News take it from here.........

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