Wisconsin Couple Has Sex In the Back of Cop Car

The lovely couple pictured above started off their night with a few beers and ended it with backseat romp that landed both of them in jail. Back in early August an Oconto County officer noticed a car being driven by 29 yr. old Heather Basten was swerving in and out of it's lane and pulled her over. The officer immediately spotted two open beers sitting on the floor and Basten copped to drinking and driving telling the officer that one beer belong to her and the other belonged to her passenger, 33 yr. old Travis Husnik. Husnik, who was already on probation, was put in cuffs and placed in the back of the cruiser. After talking with Basten police discovered she was driving without a license and also found a used syringe in her purse that she told police was used for shooting meth. Basten was cuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser with Husnik and that's when things got weird. Once the scene was cleared Deputy Adam Zahn headed off to take Husnik and Basten to the station. According to the police report that's when the two started getting freaky in the backseat of the cop car. Zahn wrote that he observed Husnik climb on top of Basten and shortly after that Basten's legs were spread and touching the ceiling. Zahn pulled the cruiser over and opened the back to realize that the two of them were having intercourse. He also noted that all their bits and pieces were exposed and he could see everything. The horror!!!!
Husnik’s pants and underwear were around his ankles and Basten’s shorts were “hiked up.” No word on how the pair managed all this while being cuffed. Judging from Basten's mugshot it looks like she might have more than one regret from that night. Details of the couple’s auto-eroticism emerged following their recent Circuit Court sentencing. Husnik, a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for lewd and lascivious conduct. Basten, who pleaded guilty to drunk driving and disorderly conduct, was sentenced to 48 days in custody and hit with fines and fees totaling $1236.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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