Cops Arrest Man Covered In Tar

Police in Daytona Beach, Fl got a surprise early Tuesday morning when they got a call about a man sneaking around the roof of a local gas station. When officers arrived they found 30 yr. old Joshue Holoman hiding on the roof covered in tar head to toe. The cops were a little curious after taking in the whole situation and asked Holoman what he was doing. As you know, excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. This is no exception. Holoman told cops that he was visiting family. At 3am. On a roof. Covered in tar. Obviously, he wasn't meeting up with family and it was quickly determined that Holoman was attempting to break into the Sunoco station through an air conditioning vent. He changed his story once he realized the cops weren't buying it. His second story was that he was working on the A/C unit because he had heard some funny noises coming from the unit when he was walking past the store. As for being covered in tar?
Holoman explained to arresting officers that he put the tar on himself so he wouldn't be spotted by anyone on the ground. Police found tools on the roof that are consistent with breaking and entering and charged Holoman with 2 counts of attempted burglary, possession of burglary tools, and criminal mischief. Holoman night didn't end there. On the way to the station he busted out a metal plate in the transport vehicle causing over $500 worth of damage. At the time this article was published Holoman was still locked up.
News Journal Online has the story

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