Dave Grohl Is Really Drunk

It's safe to say that Dave Grohl is one of the coolest guys in the music industry today and probably ever. He's constantly putting out great music, was part of one of the biggest bands of all time, and most importantly he just gets it. His no bullshit approach to the music industry is a breath of fresh air and gives hope to future generations of young musicians. It's rare to see him off his game but there's always an exception. Like when you have a ton of down time in the studio and decide to polish off an entire bottle of bourbon and want nothing more than some fucking Chinese food. From the first watch Dave comes off as a bit of an asshole but after watching it again I think he's just drunk and having fun with his producer. This was filmed during the making of the Foo Fighters album "There Is Nothing Left to Loose" which was released back in 1999.

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