AC/DC Drummer Arrested In Murder For Hire Plot

AC/DC seems to be going through some tough times lately. Just a few weeks back I posted an article about one of the founding members leaving the band due to early signs of dementia and now the bands drummer, Phil Rudd is facing some serious prison time. Police in New Zealand raided Rudd's home early this morning and charged him with procuring a murder (hiring a hitman), threatening to kill and possession of meth and marijuana. Details are few and far between right now but reports state that police were acting on an anonymous tip that Rudd was trying to hire a hitman to murder to unknown individuals. At the time this story was released things did not look good for Rudd and cops seemed to believe that had he not been caught Rudd would have had the murders carried out. All of this coming on the heels of AC/DC's new release and an upcoming world tour. So now the band is without two original members and last time I checked you need to have a drummer if you plan on hitting the road to tour. The band has not released an official statement at this point and they haven't said anything about canceling to the tour. My guess is that this latest setback might slow down their plans a little bit. 411 Mania has the story

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