Conspiracies From The Derp Files

I've said it a hundred times on here but it's worth repeating. One of the greatest things about the internet is that it gives a platform to all the idiots of the world to spout whatever bullshit spills from their tiny pea sized brains. One of my personal favorites, there's plenty of them on-line, are the conspiracy whackos who populate YouTube. From the people who think the Illuminati is using Taylor Swift to spread their message and brainwash our kids to the chem-trail folk who lack the most basic knowledge of how science works. This video falls into the latter category. In the video below we have a woman who spots a rainbow forming above her running sprinkler. To most people who have gone beyond elementary school science this occurrence wouldn't even solicit a reaction but if you're a complete fucking moron your mind goes right to the conspiracy theory that the government is poisoning the water supply. I mean, why else would there be a rainbow reflecting off of water on a sunny day? Obviously it's because someone has loaded the water with some kind of brain altering chemicals. Beware, these people could be your neighbors!

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