Musician Electrocuted To Death Live On Stage

Sad bit of news coming out of Argentina last week after a local musician died on stage after being electrocuted by a microphone. Early reports are stating that faulty wiring on a live mic was to blame.
Agustin Briolini, 21, was doing a sound check with his band Krebs in Villa Carlos Paz when he stepped up to a microphone and was met with a deadly shock.  Early reports stated that the incident took place during the show but that was dismissed. According to local press, Krebs was a local up and coming band that had gained a sizable following and was on the cusp of doing some big things. Briolini had recently talked with Fox News Latino about what his music means to him,
"For us, making music is a cyclical process. The music we make, we give to people who get energy as a result. The audience returns the favor by 'transforming' the energy and sending it back to the band. We in turn accept and throw it back again with even more power in our music. It is a cycle with people and art."

No further details have been released other than faulty equipment most likely being the culprit. 
Newser has the story

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