Airline Lets Kid Shit in the Aisle of Airplane

The following article right away puts blame on the parents for letting their kid take a shit in the aisle of a plane but I would have to think at some point the stewards or stewardesses had to have some say in this shit show. Pun intended. You just don't let some kid crap out in the open and not do something about it. It's safe to say everyone involved should be to blame and hopefully any employee on this plane was fired for letting this whole thing go down. Last week on a Shenzhen flight from Nanjing to Guangzhou a mother and father deemed the toilets to be too small. The article doesn't specify but I'm assuming both mom and dad wanted to join their child in the latrine to help change the diaper. As a parent I can confirm that it doesn't take 2 people to change a diaper. I can see the difficulty of having to do that in a tight space but there has to be a better way. Once they realized the entire family couldn't get in the bathroom they took the next logical step and let the kid shit in the aisle. Based on the above photo it appears the toddler wasn't running up and down the aisle crop dusting turds but it does look like the parents had no problem changing a shitty diaper in full view of the plane. You might be thinking that's the worst part, oh no. The worst part is that everyone on board had to sit with the stink because this all took place before the plane had taken off.
Nan Fang has the story

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