Comedian Kicks Heckler "THIS IS SPARTA" Style

So the story goes that the host of an comedy open mic in Las Vegas had enough of this guys shit and decided to do something about it. Based on the look of the bar and the amount of the people in the crowd I'm going to assume this open mic night died a long time ago. Kudos to the host though for hanging on and doing something he believes in even though it looks like no one else gives a shit. Apparently the guy who gets the Sparta kick has a bit of reputation of heckling open mic acts. I'll let the YouTube description take over from there:
My name is Freddy and I recorded the side view angle of the video as I was walking out of the restroom at this Comedy Open Mic. I heard some yelling back and forth so I pulled my phone out and began to record. I had no control of the events that took place. Posting this video doesn't not change the fact that this incident took place. Heckler/Comic "Rade Zone" tried to attack the host of a comedy open mic in Las Vegas, NV and was turned away by a dragon kick to the torso. "Rade Zone" is know by the Las Vegas Comedy Community as a Heckler who disrupts comedy shows by heckling comedians while they perform.

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