Trolling the Trolls

I've been watching these Lt. LickMe videos the last couple of days and each one is funnier than the last. Lt. LickMe is an Australian dude who has taken on-line video game trolling to the next level. I like to think of it more as reverse trolling or bullying since his victims are normally the ones who are bullying/trolling randoms on-lin. It basically works like this, friends of on-line lobby bullies contact the Lt. and give him vital information about the bully. From there he tracks down the bully in a lobby and starts up a conversation disguised as a member of Anonymous, voice changer and all. Most of the bullies brush it off as another troll and that's when the Lt. pounces. He starts slow by referring to the bully by name which isn't real hard to find out for anyone who's played video games on-line. So most of the time the victims don't give much attention to the fact that someone found out their real name. Then he turns up the heat and starts giving out information like their street address or the school they attend. At this point, most of the bullies go silent, thinking to themselves "Wait, is this guy real some kind of hacker from Anonymous. From there it only gets better. The end game for Lt. LickMe is to put these bullies through the ringer just like they do to other people. After putting them through some embarrasing tasks and making them sound like the little bithces they are he pulls back the curtain to reveal they've just been trolled. My explanation doesn't do it much justice so just check out one of many examples below and make sure you watch his other videos. I love listening to these little sqeekers getting revealed as the bitches they are. Everyone is a head set tough guy until they get exposed. Lt. LickMe Twitter Lt. LickMe YouTube page

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