2 Assholes Talking Music #65

The title may say it's episode #65 but were actually dubbing this one #666 because we're tonight were joined by Missouri death band, Nevalra!!! The guys were nice enough to stop by while out on the Northern Nightmare tour currently shredding through the midwest. We sat down, drank a few beers and talked about their worst gig ever, metal sub genres and why they suck, what albums got them into music, the band's writing process, feature some cuts from the album and more. We close out the show with a Nevalra v/s the house edition of Guess That Video. We find out if Jim can beat someone other than himself. Big thanks again the guys from Nevalra for stopping by the garage and spending their Sunday night off hanging out with us assholes. Check out nevalra.com for everything Nevalra including tour dates, social media, merch and more!!!

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Links for Nevalra 
Official Site
Band Camp

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