2 Assholes Talking Music #66

Back in the lab with a couple of guest tonight. We're joined by Chicago musicians from the band Kelly, Paul Somers and John Tashjian. You can also find John performing at Chicago piano Bar, Howl At The Moon. We bust a couple of stories from the music world like Kanye canceling his tour and being admitted into the looney bin, 5 Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody walking off stage mid show, headphones being hacked and used as listening devices, Shia Lebouf being kicked out of a Warpaint concert, Canadian cops using Nickelback songs to punish drunk drivers, and a new line of beer from Killswitch Engage. After the news we do some beer tasting featuring beers from Iron Maiden and AC/DC and from there we got a new WTF Band that all Star Wars fans will enjoy. We close out the show with a round of Fake or Real with bands from the upcoming Snow Globe Festival in Lake Tahoe, CA.
Our featured local band tonight is none other than Chicago powerhouse, Miss Remember. The buzz on this band has been growing in 2016 and their poised to do some really great things in 2017. You can find their music on Band Camp and I suggest you head over there and support some great local music. *Download this episode HERE*

Links for Miss Remember
Official Site

 Miss Remember is....
jim tashjian - guitar, vocals
leslie beukelman - vocals
martin stonikas - bass, percussion
pete tashjian - drums, percussion

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