#4 - Bay of Blood

Time to pay homage to the Italians and their contributions to horror, gore, and exploitation genres over the years. Nobody can stack the bodies better than the Italians especially Mario Bava. He's always had a knack for coming up with new and disgusting ways to knock somebody off. Granted, this movie was filmed back in 1971 so that statement might be a bit much these days, but back then Bava held sway above everyone else in the genre. "Bay of Blood" moves a little slow at times but it pays off every time somebody bites the dust. The story begins on a secluded island where a wealthy woman is murdered by her jealous husband. After her death all the relatives start showing up to get in on a piece of the money and inheritance. Little do they know that soon they'll be in the grave right next to the rest of the family. Someone is killing off the family members so they can keep all the money for themselves. I realize that's not a super deep plot line but that's secondary to the death scenes. At the time special effects were minimal but Bava found a way, as he always did, to make things look very realistic and make the audience say, "God damn, that had to hurt!!" Watch the full movie below......

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