#5 - Happy Birthday to Me

Now when you look at the title of this next movie it doesn't exactly jump of the page at you as a movie that would be filled with blood and guts and that's where you would be wrong. The 1981 splatter fest "Happy Birthday to Me" isn't about being scary as much as is about blood and body counts. The movie came out around a time that Hollywood was buying up scripts about any horror movie that was linked to a holiday, i.e "April Fools Day", "Valentine's Day" and so on. The plot to this one starts off fairly simple, Virginia is one of the popular kids at school and everything is going well until just before her 18th birthday. Some of her friends start turning up dead. Not just any kind of dead either, brutally murdered. The school and Virginia's cool clique start to fall apart and people start to point fingers. Could it be Virginia behind the horrific deaths or is there another sinister character at large wiping out all the cool kids? Watch the full movie below.......

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