#6 - The Midnight Meat Train

Before "The Hangover" and "The A-Team" Bradley Cooper starred in a relatively unknown movie called "The Midnight Meat Train". It didn't pick up a whole lot of traction in the theaters but has gone on to be a cult classic in the making, at least in my opinion. The story is ripped from the pages of a Clive Barker short story of the same name, which you can find in V.1 of Barker's 'Books of Blood'. Cooper stars as Leon, a down on his luck photographer who's looking for his big break. After a job interview one night Leon finds himself in the subway watching a gang of men mug and beat an old lady. The next day the old lady turns up dead and from there on Leon commits himself to finding out what happened to her. He spends more and more time down in the subway until he comes across Mahogany, played by Vinnie Jones, who Leon thinks might be responsible for the murder of the old lady. Leon dedicates all his time to stalking and photographing Mahogany and ends up taking a journey into a world he will soon regret. Great movie that pops up on On Demand from time to time.

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